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We are ERITECH, a provider of Efficient, Recycling, Innovative Technologies. ERITECH is a dynamic company
serving the industrial markets with a focus on providing and producing technology systems and solutions
in alignment with the principles of the circular economy. We deliver completely integrated equipment
for preprocessing, material handling, and feeding of waste materials and other secondary raw materials
in an array of applications.


We deliver complete technological systems and solutions from mixed unsorted waste to industrial waste
both in the solid and liquids, hazardous and nonhazardous forms. We take care of industrial customers
from the design of the technological arrangement, processing of project documentation, delivery, installation,
commissioning up to regular service.


We help companies and municipalities apply modern processing technologies for ecologically managing
and utilizing waste, in accordance with the principles of circular economy and sustainable development.

Our main focus is effectively processing of what may at first glance seem like undesired waste.
ERITECH is able to provide secondary uses for waste while recovering valuable recyclable materials, which reduces
the amount of waste and recyclables that would needlessly accumulate in landfills.

Customer support and service

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Contact Us

Our customers are always our number one priority. We deliver our unique and tailored solutions for each project with highest standards of care, responsibility, and reliability. Making the end product exactly to the needs of our clients is crucial. Therefore, ERITECH supplies customized technology and takes care to incorporate the specific end targets and parameters as required and consulted. We are always ready to support our customers in all phases of their projects, including the initial study, feasibility assessment, scheduling, installation, optimization, maintenance, and servicing, and many more. Our team consists of experienced experts, ready to assist you and provide exceptional solutions at all times, on the spot at your facility.

Do you want to know more about how we serve our customers, or do you have any special requirements you would like to discuss? Let us know!

Our Customers

Our clients rely on our innovative solutions in the areas

Recycling of
Raw Materials
Production of
Building Materials
and Quarrying
Steel Mills
and Foundries


All Announcements

The New Technical System for RDF and Chemlon at the Lafarge Čížkovice is Already In Operation

ERITECH has been entrusted to supply the technological line for the transport and dosing RDF and chemlon for Lafarge Cement in Čížkovice.

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Project Documentation for the Sorting and Shredding of Biomass in the ŠKO-ENERGO Facility

ERITECH completed the project documentation for the ŠKO-ENERGO Facility, supplier of ecologically clean energy.
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Successful Commissioning of a Process Line for the Transportation and Dosing of Solid Alternative Fuels to the second largest Cement Plant in Croatia

ERITECH proposed the optimal solution for the transportation and dosing of solid alternative fuels to the second largest cement plant in Croatia.
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About Us

Efficient, Recycling, Innovative, Technologies

More About Our Company

We are an international EPC company based in the Czech Republic with a focus on the supply of technological systems and solutions for the processing and recycling of mixed and industrial waste as well as material handling.

Our objective is to efficiently process both solid and liquid waste to recover recyclables and provide alternative fuels to maximize leverage of raw materials, in accordance with the principles of circular economy and sustainable development.

We provide extensive deliveries of technological equipment from the design, arrangement, and processing of project documentation, to the delivery, installation and regular service. We take care of industrial customers both in the Czech Republic and abroad. With well-founded experience and know-how in the fields of alternative fuels and material handling, we can solve the specific requirements of our clients by delivering of turnkey technological solutions.